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Standing Out From The Crowd!

The Rose of Sharon stands above the rest as it is a very quick grower that is easy to take care of and can thrive in various sun and soil condition. This plant is one of the toughest out there....

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This Buds For Who?

The Rose Of Sharon Begins to bud here in Michigan around July, but it can continue flowering all the way till October! Generally the more mature the plant the earlier it blooms...

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The Perfect Texture

The Rose Of Sharon plant is one of the brightest and best when it comes to flowering hedges. The plant can be pruned to shape or you can just let it grow and it will become a small tree up to 15 feet high! If you would like more information on this plant just check out this rest of this blog or click here to visit our store!

Fall Has Arrived

As you can see from the picture above the Rose Of Sharon seeds are almost ready for harvesting. Once the pods become brown and begin to open up they are ready to be cut from the branch. The seeds can then be stored inside over the wintertime in a cool dry place and be planted the next spring. For more information about Rose Of Sharon seeds our to purchase these click here!

The Perfect Purple

Rose Of Sharons come in a variety of colors, including purple, red, pink, white and a variation of all those colors like these flowers pictured above.

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Rose of Sharons are know to bloom in groups as this picture shows... A great addition to any backyard!

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Ready To Unfold

Very Beautiful Even Before They Unfold...

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Soaking In The Rays

The rose of sharon is arguably one of the best flowers nature has to offer...

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Working As A Team

There are still a few stragglers here in Michigan...

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Clinging On For Dear Life!

Not sure what this little guy was going, but he climbed right up to the top of this Rose Of Sharon flower for some strange reason! As you may know the Rose Of Sharon plant attracts many different kind of bees due to their large flowers with bright colors and large amounts of pollen. Bee though like many other creatures will not bother you unless you bother them : )

Different Shapes For Different People

Only The Beginning...

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My Beautiful Fence

The Rose Of Sharon plant makes a great hedge for privacy! This plant can grow up to 15' tall and is sometimes mistaken for a tree. It can also be pruned to shape so you can have a perfect hedge with stunning colors! Get your's today, you can purchase them here.

Rose Of Sharon Unfolding

This picture was taken later on in the season... as you can see on the right the seed pods are already forming on this Rose Of Sharon!
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